Capitol Hill Residence


A Washington family approached Lancaster Architects with a project that had been brewing in the back of their minds for several years. How to rework a dark, cold kitchen space, structurally unsound porch, and underused yard into a series of spaces that accommodated their growing family.

Working closely with our clients, we designed a compact but soulful addition to the home that transformed the flow and function of the first floor into a warm, well-lit kitchen, dining and work / play area. The exterior area was paved to create a grilling area, herb garden and more usable space outdoors.

We shepherded the project through a rigorous approvals process, meeting with the Office of Zoning, the Historic preservation board, the ANC, as well as representatives of the Architect of the Capitol.

While incorporating our client’s contemporary design aesthetic, it was important to remain respectful of the history of the home. Historic trim, woodwork, and hand stamped aluminum ceilings helped soften the contemporary furnishings and fixtures, creating a sense of continuity and warmth throughout.